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“There’s a rhythm to the Universe.

When we’re able to get quiet enough,

we experience how we’re a part

of that perfect rhythm.”

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

House of Fear to House of Love

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we spend much of our time in one of our “two houses.”  Or traveling back and forth between the neighborhoods. When we are dwelling in the house of fear, the emotions, anxieties and experiences are almost overwhelming. When we reside mostly in the house of love, we are confident in our abilities and our connections, both seen and unseen.

Spending too much time in fear is costly to our bodies and our minds. Anxiety can drive us to despair and even to violence against ourselves and others. It becomes so familiar that it often takes a big effort to pack our bags and move out of this particular house.

Unfortunately, the move is never permanent but an ongoing balancing act between being afraid and being loving. Ahh, but we are resilient and bounce back people. So even while visiting the house of fear, we learn to go home to love.

When we move into the house of love and empowerment, it takes a certain amount of vulnerability and a grateful spirit.  We must be open to trust and have faith that it will all work out okay.

Living in that house of fear and pain feels helpless and makes you feel hopeless. You are neither helpless nor hopeless. You are a strong and intelligent person and you can make the choice to face your fears and fulfill your destiny.

Overcome Irrational Fears

Of course, not all fear is bad. We need the fear that keeps us touching a high voltage wire or driving down a one-way street. That is healthy and protective respect. The unhealthy fear and anxiety is the inability to move forward.

Psychologists name four main types of fears:

  • Fear of want  – what if I lose my job and can’t feed my family
  • Fear of suffering – what if my child dies or I get sick
  • Fear of failure- – what if I have a party and no one comes
  • Fear of death – what will happen when I die, it is the unknown

Surprisingly, it is the last fear listed, that we will die, that I find most interesting. Dying is not something to be feared, as I will discuss later.

Reflect on a particularly terrible, horrible, no good, rotten, stinking, very bad day in your mind. Make it a time, event or experience that you thought would make you insane or would die from but didn’t. Mine is the accidental death of my beloved brother JAllen. That became my touchstone and standard of judgment.  Once I realized that I could make it through that period, everything else would be a piece of cake.

In order to overcome the fear of the unknown, you must recognize and believe that if you do the thing you fear, you will not die or go insane. To prove this to yourself, recognize you may be nervous out of your comfort zone, but nothing horrible is likely to happen, you need to walk through the fear.

Many people see the fear of the unknown as a wall, barrier or limitation and so they come near and then retreat or walk away. Fear is actually a doorway to illumination and growth. They are so focused on the solid obstruction that they don’t notice the door knob.

Keep walking through the fear and anxiety to the thing that you want. It may be uncomfortable at first, but keep walking. One step and then another and suddenly the fear will turn to excitement.

Making Sense of It

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