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“Money will buy you a pretty good dog

but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.”

~Henry Wheeler Shaw

How Do You Really Feel About Money?

I know you are saying you don’t have enough money. Everyone could probably use more money. But what number is enough for you?  How much is sufficient? What do you need money for?  Why do you really want money?  Is it money you want or the things you could do with it if it were yours?

These are important questions, because we say we want money in order to accomplish certain goals. But we could attain those goals in other ways. This is so simple, but it is often overlooked as a truth.

You don’t solve money problems with money. You solve money problems by changing your attitude about you and money.

Money itself is not a solution but a vehicle to get you what you want. It was pivotal when I realized that it was just one way of experiencing an abundant life. Esther Hicks teaches: if you want “this” in order to get “that”, why not just aim toward “that” and it will come in surprising ways.

Think about it.  If the reason you want money is to take your family on a cruise so you can spend time with them, then just spend time with them now.   If the reason you want money is to pay off credit-card debt, then pay an extra dollar or 10 dollars each month and stop charging.

The solution to financial well-being is not more money.  The solution is in changing your beliefs around money and recognizing that prosperity and abundance are everywhere.

Do you perceive that money, happiness, fun and fulfillment are in limited supply? If so, then you will think there is a competition and you need to protect yourself in this dangerous world.  There is plenty of abundance to go around for all of us and you can access the unlimited supply.

Prosperity Mindset

Change your thoughts and change your outcome. We have been programmed to believe the pursuit of money and wealth is not good.  Get rid of this broke or poor mind chatter about lack as quickly as you can. When you change to a prosperity mindset, you will be making progress in your life’s goal to create more abundance in your life.

Money frees one from existing in “Scare City” (scarcity) to living in “Magnified Sense” (magnificence). Simply put, options make life much easier because it gives us the means to fulfill whatever brings passion and joy to our lives.

Money is the pathway to freedom for yourself and for others in your life.  You will have the ability to help more people by being wealthy than you will be by being broke. Help others to help themselves and you will both be empowered.

The safest way to double your money is to fold it in half and hide it in your pocket.  But abundance does not come from hiding your money or your talents.

Abundance frees you from having to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on backs or a roof over your head. Options free one from being trapped in abusive relationships, unsatisfying jobs and unproductive ways of life — and from fending off fears that someday, somehow, somewhere there will never be enough.

Childhood Beliefs About Success……………………………….

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