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Healthy Potted Plant

Think of a family as a healthy potted fern. A plant is made up of small individual stems and branches that, as separate entities, appear fragile and unsteady.  From a distance, the whole appears as a mass of green foliage that forms a solid picture and is described as a plant.

If you pulled out one stem and stuck it in a drinking glass, it might very well survive.  But it would look isolated and weak. The leaves would droop with no support or foundation of solid grounding. However, if that stem were resilient and had the right nurturing and assistance, it could form the foundation for another plant.

By growing and developing together, the individual stems gain strength and protection from one another. The plant and the family are healthier and grow more when everyone cooperates and shares both resources and environment. Their roots are intertwined and form a secure foundation that withstands being knocked over and occasionally neglected. Much like your mistakes and disappointments in life, as long as the roots are strong, you can grow again and again.

That is the way of nature. Nature is a wonderful teacher, and I gain hope just watching how plants turn toward the sun. They – and I – want the light.

Don’t forget that a plant has spent a lot of time in dirty, dark places before it begins to blossom and expand.

Family Connections Extend Time and Space

You may be frightened about life and feel very isolated. But you are never alone. Always remember that your ancestors and mentors who have transitioned into a new plane of existence are still connected to you.  They love you and want your best.  Call on them and you will be amazed at the coincidences or miracles that occur.

Blessings, luck, being in the right place at the right time or taking advantage of opportunities presented to us are just some of the ways we find ourselves standing where we want to stand. Be open to unseen help and assistance,

We need the strength and support of one another to make all of us stronger, more personally productive and more resilient to life’s ups and downs.

As parents, grandparents and extended families, we can strengthen these family bonds by sharing our positive attitudes and ethics. As we model good self-care, others will realize that we all have something to contribute and share.

Children and young people need to feel the safety of belonging to a unit or tribe, where all members are valued and their contributions appreciated.

Longest Ongoing Relationship in Life

The relationship you have with your parents, siblings and extended family is the longest ongoing relationship in your life.  They know your secrets, doubts, weak spots and strengths like no else ever will.  That is why it is so easy for them to push your buttons and make you feel like a child again.

If you came from a family where you were not allowed to express your true feelings, you may not even be aware of the range of feelings that is normal and experienced every day.  In communication with your family you may find yourself falling back on old patterns and behaviors. Watch your words and conversations.

Be sure to refer to the list of encouraging words and phrases in the back of this book.  Words have great power and can heal or hurt. Develop the habit of listening to what you are saying around your family and friends.

Every word has a vibrational energy and power, so be careful what you say and what you allow others to say about you.  If your big brother says, “You always were dumb” stop the conversation and reaffirm to him and yourself by saying, “I used to believe that, but now I know that I am an intelligent woman and learn in my own way.”

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